Review: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is a primer/base and corrector all in one. Let me just say that I absolutely LOVE this product because it manages to accomplish two very important tasks: even out my skin texture and set a mattifying base for my makeup.

Growing up, I suffered from severe acne and oily skin complexion. While my skin has improved since then, I still suffer from old pitted acne scars and enlarged pores around my nose and cheek area. I needed a product that could even out my skin texture and provide a smooth base. This product achieves that.

At first, I was surprised at how tiny the jar was for the $34 I spent for it. But I quickly learned that you only need is a tiny amount to cover your entire face (or just the areas that need it), so this little jar is going to last me for MONTHS.  

The texture of this product is very smooth and velvety - almost like a thick, dense souffle. When you apply it on your face, the silkiness almost feels like a silicone primer. It gives you that mattifying feel and instantly smooths out any bumps and fills in those tiny little pitted scars that I get from acne. While it doesn’t completely mask the scars, it definitely makes them less noticeable and sets that smooth, finished look before even applying your makeup. Luckily, I don’t suffer from any wrinkles (well, I am only 21! Haha) so I cant vouch for how well it would work for that. However, I do have a few lines underneath my eyes, and I notice that this product manages to soften those lines up and make them less noticeable. So A+ for that!

When I apply my foundation or BB cream on, I notice my skin looks a lot smoother. No “holes” or bumps from my large pores, and guess what - my makeup stays ON! Trust me, I’ve tested it in 95 degree weather and my makeup didn’t bulge at all. It does help out my oiliness a little, but nonetheless, this isn’t designed to be an oil controlling product, so I still need my lovely Shiseido Pureness Blotting Sheets!

too faced

too faced

Look what came in the mail! (UD Primer Potion + LOTS of samples!)

So I was browsing the sale section of Sephora’s website the other day, and was super excited to see the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion PROFESSIONAL SIZE (in Original) on sale for 20 bucks! That’s the exact same price as the much smaller tube! So of course, I snatched it up before it was went out of stock.

The smaller tube is .37 oz and the professional sized one is .85 oz - more than twice the size at the same price! Who can resist?

I also got a couple other things along with that, but the one thing I want to mention the most is the amazing sample set I received with my order! Right now, Sephora is offering a choice of three HOLIDAY IT KITS with any $25+ purchase online for beauty insiders with the code ITKIT.

Each of the three kits has its own special holiday theme and comes with nine deluxe samples. I chose The Lasting Impression kit, which comes encased in a cute black Sephora clutch.

So yepp, all that above is free with my order! My absolute FAVORITE sample out of them is the Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray:

It comes in a very generous sized sample, and even though I’ve only used it once so far, I’m in love! It really does keep my makeup fresh and lasting throughout the day. Definitely will get the full size on the future.

So that was my mini-haul - I’ll probably post the other products I got from this order later on when I have time! :)

Review: SEPHORA COLLECTION Urban Luxe All Over Powder Palette

I was looking for an all-over palette for face contouring, and when I spotted this at Sephora, it caught my eye and I knew I just had to try it.

On the website, it is described as a palette with "shimmering golden, cream, bronze, and brown tones" that is made to create a luminous all over glow.

Now, being very fair skinned and somewhat new to contouring, I was a bit hesitant about this. But once I got around to trying it, I gotta be honest and say that this product did not really meet my expectations :(

First off, I did not like the golden specks scattered on the top of the palette:

Yes, they look pretty, but they definitely made me look really shimmery and greasy! But fortunately for me, after a couple brush strokes, these specks were gone and I was left with the four colors, the darkest being on the bottom left and the lightest being in the middle.

What I found was that the top two colors are GREAT for highlighting (sans golden sparkles). Really brings out your cheeks and underneath your brow bone without being too much. Great if you’re pale like me and want to go for that that natural glow.

Now for the the bottom two colors, I realized that since these strips are so close together, it’s really hard to apply just one color. And when I accidentally touched the darkest color with my brush, it really stood out on my face, especially since I’m fair skinned. Kind of looked like I rubbed dirt on my cheeks! :/

So therefore, I decided to limit the darkest color for my eyes only, and it definitely works a lot better. Really made my eyes pop and it’s great for contouring, but only my eyelids.

So my tip when using this: Don’t swirl the colors together. I haven’t done it yet, but I would imagine that the darkest color would prevail and turn the entire palette into a dark shimmery brown color. It’s best to use the top two for highlighting and eyes, and the bottom for strictly eyes!

Review: Sephora Collection Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow

Moon boom (left) and dazzle (right).

This is the same review I wrote on their website:
When I first saw these on sale, I just knew I had to try them. For $3, it’s a steal! The color is rich and pigmented, and it goes on very smooth. For those who wants to achieve a more creamy look, just apply it with some water. So far, I’ve used the moon beam and dazzle shade. Moon beam is really nice and luminous, but not too shimmery; perfect for highlighting. And dazzle is much lighter in person than in the picture. Instead of being a chocolate-y brown color, it’s more golden orange.

Since sephora is discontinuing this item, it’s best to stock up on them while you can!

Also love how it comes with a mirror inside!

Review: A Crewed Interest by Essie

One of my all time favorite colors from Essie is the A Crewed Interest from their Spring 2012 Collection. If you’re looking for a peachy, salmon, pastel color, then this is the one! The color is very rich and definitely gives your nails that fresh polished look. It’s great for summer/spring, but also very suitable for fall as well. Doesn’t look washed out and goes great with my fair skin tone.

However, the only downside to this color is the opaqueness. For me, I have to apply about 4 coats for it to be fully opaque. For those who wants a more sheer look, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

^ Thats what it looks like on me! :D The tips are Turquoise & Caicos which is also by Essie.


  • Rich, creamy color
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Plays well with any skin tone


  • Streaky
  • Requires 3-4 coats for it to be fully opaque